Maximum Discreetness with Shoulder 1911 Holsters


Choosing the right holster for concealed carry is an important decision. Not only does it need to be comfortable, but it also needs to provide adequate protection for your firearm. With so many options available, it can be difficult to determine which holster is the best fit for you and your 1911. To help make this process simpler, we’ve put together this comprehensive guide to the best 1911 holsters for concealed carry. Read on to learn more about choosing the right holster for your needs!

Types of Holsters

When choosing a holster, one of the first things you should consider is what type of holster you need. Different types of holsters can provide different levels of protection and comfort. Here are some common types of holsters used by gun owners today:

  • IWB (Inside-the-Waistband): An IWB holster fits inside the waistband of your pants or skirt and provides easy access in case you need to draw your weapon quickly. IWB holsters are typically made from leather or Kydex and offer good concealment while providing comfortable all-day wearability.
  • OWB (Outside-the-Waistband): An OWB holster sits outside the waistband and provides a more secure fit than an IWB holster as well as easier access when drawing your weapon. OWB holsters are usually made from leather or Kydex and come in various shapes and sizes depending on your needs.
  • Shoulder Holster: Shoulder holsters are designed to fit comfortably around your shoulder and torso area, allowing easy access to draw your weapon if needed. They are usually made from leather or nylon materials, offering good concealability while allowing you to move freely throughout the day.

Material Considerations

The material that a holster is made out of will have a big impact on its overall performance. Leather holsters tend to be more comfortable but may not hold up as well over time as other materials such as Kydex or nylon. Kydex is extremely durable but can be uncomfortable against bare skin due to its hard surface texture; however, it can easily be lined with soft leather or fabric for added comfort if desired. Nylon holsters are lightweight and affordable but may not last as long as leather or Kydex options due to their lower quality construction materials.

Retention System

You should also consider the retention system of any given holster before making a purchase; this is especially important when carrying a firearm in public where security becomes paramount concern. Look for models with adjustable retention systems that allow you to customize how tightly the firearm is held in place; this will ensure that it stays secure even during rigorous physical activity such as running or jumping without sacrificing accessibility when needed most in emergencies!

Conclusion: Overall, finding the right 1911 holster for concealed carry requires careful consideration since there are many different types and materials available today that all offer unique benefits depending on your needs and preferences. Be sure to take into account factors such as material construction, retention system, size/fit, comfort level, price point, etc., when doing research so that you can choose the best option for yourself and your handgun model! With this guide we hope that you now have a better understanding on how to find the perfect 1911 holster for concealed carry use!