The Perfection in the Tuscany Tours


There is nothing better than taking advantage of the autumn days to enjoy landscapes, nature and medieval and Renaissance atmospheres with hiking. What the expert proposes, Travel on foot, are trekking routes that aim at sustainable tourism, organizing journeys on foot in Italy, in the Mediterranean and beyond.

The Enhancement of Slow Walking

Enhancing slow walking, in small groups, you are sure to really get in touch with the reality of the visited territories, rich in history, traditions and art. So here are trips accessible to everyone, with easy but also more demanding proposals dedicated to experienced walkers, led by qualified, qualified Environmental and Extrusion Guides. The destinations are the uncommon ones, often unspoiled places where nature reigns wild. For the Tuscany Tours this is a very important part.

  • For example, you can have the chance to go walking in the Filiera Corta in Tuscany, where the key words are degrowth, sobriety, environmentally friendly products. The trek starts from the Mercatale di Sovicille, where once a month farmers, beekeepers, shepherds, gardeners and millers meet in this small strip of the province of Siena to continue towards the farms of the same producers met at Mercatale. This is a discovery of the territory, of the exchange not only of goods but also of knowledge, experiences and the secrets of km 0.
  • Or, you can opt for trekking through the Euganean Hills, to discover the medieval and Renaissance atmospheres of castles, villages and monasteries. The crossing begins in Monselice passing through sites of great value and beauty such as Arquà Petrarca and Villa dei Vescovi, in a countryside rich in spontaneous flora and vineyards, oak, chestnut and locust forests to end with a meeting with a organic farm that allows you to learn more about the area visited and its excellence.

The Easy Path

An easy path between ancient roads, woods, Medici villas and parish churches, in an area rich in noble villas with large parks and landscapes characterized by olive groves and vineyards, is the one proposed with the Florence trekking and the Tuscan organic. This is because it is also a food and wine itinerary and discovery of the small realities that have chosen to produce in a biological and sustainable way. For the Tours of Tuscany this is one important deal.

Finally, the Via Francigena in the land of Siena is one of the most suggestive itineraries. This is a departure from San Gimignano, with its towers and its fairy-tale silhouette. Walking along the paths embellished by the green of the cypresses and holm oaks and the red-ocher of the land of Siena, we reach Buonconvento through the Val d’Elsa and the Val d’Arbia. Along the way there is no lack of evidence of the long history of the Via Francigena, buildings born to serve the road such as hotels and hospitals, parish churches, canons and fortified structures.

An itinerary of over 100 km to be faced by motorcycle or scooter among the hills surrounding two beautiful Tuscan cities, cultured and elegant, following minor roads, with an authentic charm and passing by Collodi, home of the famous Pinocchio puppet. In addition to travel tips, the roadbook, the Silver Spoon Recipe and a photo gallery not to be missed!

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