Smartest Sailboat Ride in Crete with Rents


This year, in high season (so the most expensive), we offer boats from $ 1,520 per week with 8 beds. This represents $ 190 per person, or only $ 27.25 per person per day. To enjoy more spacious or newer boats, you can also rent your boat in Croatia before or after the season. Flights and berths will also be cheaper with fewer people on the water and deserted beaches. When you go to rent a sailboat in Crete while traveling there, the below information would be useful for you.

Who says better?

No problem. All the boats can be offered with a skipper. This skipper will be responsible for the maneuvers on board and all the technical aspects of your cruise. He is the captain of the boat and your best guide. He will advise you the best anchorages, the best restaurants and depending on the weather, will propose a suitable navigation route. Count between 150 $ per day and 250 $ per day for a skipper depending on the country. Otherwise, if you go early, maybe a more experienced friend can join your crew.

What if I’m seasick?

We are not going to lie to you, having seasickness is not funny when they are nausea, vomiting, vertigo. The good news is that seasickness tends to disappear after 3 days maximum. However, from experience, one day is enough. There are tips to fight against this phenomenon like the famous “4 F”: fight against:

  • Hunger (and thirst)
  • Fatigue
  • the Cold
  • the Frousse

You can also take some medicines like which works very well. Then, certain places of the boat (ready of the center of gravity and therefore of the mast) diminish the effects. We will prepare a complete guide on the subject.

But what are the advantages of renting a boat?

If you ask this question, it’s because you do not know how good it is to be on a boat. The first argument common to all regulars of the boat rental is the feeling of freedom when you sail.

First and foremost, what type of boat to rent? The choice of your boat must meet the program of your vacation. Rather lazy? Athletic?Adventure? The renters crete have regular offers on all types of boats. Even schooners or trimarans for groups are there or your events (EVG, birthday, incentive). Set the number of crew and your budget, they will find the boat that fits your project.

When to go?

Before or after the summer rush

June and September are definitely the best seasons to rent your boat at a low price in the Mediterranean. At this time, the sun is already (again.) At the rendezvous and you get a wider choice of boats available. Not to mention that your plane or train tickets will be cheaper. Moorings and ports will also be cheaper and especially less saturated. Discover our favorite offers to Croatia and Greece .rent-a-boat-on-average season

And during the school holidays?

No problem, to take advantage of advantageous offers, book in advance. We offer discounts on early booking boat rental, up to 25% for a boat reservation 6 months in advance and sometimes more, for our old customers or if you rent a boat for 2 weeks. You can also come and meet us each year in December at the Salon Nautique in Paris and take advantage of exceptional offers.

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