How to go About Planning Your Indonesian Liveaboard Trip


Being one of the largest archipelagic country with over 17,000 islands, Indonesia over the past few years has risen to the top of the international tourist destinations list.

Indonesia prides itself for its vibrant cultural diversity, delicious cuisines and tourist attractions coupled with its modern facilities and infrastructures.

Considering that Indonesia has a large number of islands, there cannot be a better way of discovering this beautiful country than embarking on a liveaboard trip. It is worth noting that Indonesian liveaboard is one of the most diverse industry in the world.

The country boasts of four world class destinations which can be accessed by liveaboards thus attracting a majority of international divers.

If you are interested in planning a cruising trip to Indonesia, below are some of the factors that you should put into consideration before embarking on your Indonesia liveaboard adventure.


Since there is an alternative of exploring Indonesia’s beauty by land, it is always good to weigh your options and settle on the one that is favourable to your pocket.

When paying for a liveaboard trip, it is good to know that you will not be paying for your diving only but also for your accommodation, entertainment and food for the whole period of your trip.

However, contrary to land trips where you might end up incurring additional expenses, a liveaboard trip is usually all inclusive.

Choice of Vessel

Although there are numerous ships of different types and sizes sailing through Indonesia, it is good to understand your options in order to settle for the best.

Where as you can choose to go with day boats, a seaworthy vessel that can ensure your safety is highly recommended.

Having an idea of the ship style that you would prefer, amenities that it can offer and the activities included in the itinerary can go along way in helping you choose your most preferred cruise.


Most cabins are usually compact built and it is therefore important to ensure that there is enough room to accommodate all of you.

Don’t make a mistake of squeezing into a small room as this will only mean that you don’t get to sleep comfortably all through the entire trip.

It is also good to ensure that the available bathrooms are enough to accommodate the number of people in the boat.


Sighting and having wildlife encounters is one of the most thrilling part of a liveaboard trip.

Although sighting of these animals is never guaranteed, having an idea of what you expect to see can be helpful.

For example, a kamodo cruise through the Kamodo National Park can give you the opportunity to set your eyes on the famous kamodo dragons.

On the other hand, a trip into the Snorkeling near the Flores Island can also give you the opportunity to see sea turtles and manta rays in the deep currents.

Diving Equipment

If you are an experienced diver and would be engaging in diving activities, always make sure that the boat you are going to use has top notch diving equipment.

Also make sure that the equipment is regularly serviced and that in case of damages, repairs can be carried out on board. Additionally, ensure that there is enough oxygen on board in case an emergency arises.


Ensure that you enquire about the crew that will be on board with you. Can you communicate efficiently with them, are they experienced?

It is also advisable to find out if your dive instructor is well conversant with the area you will be covering during your trip. Ensure that they are also well trained in first aid.


The above list is in no way exhaustive as there are still many things that one should consider before planning this kind of a trip.

However, you will agree with me that in addition to Indonesia’s underwater wonders, it’s range of diverse tourist attractions can definitely transform your liveaboard experience into a memorable vacation.

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