Go on exotic holiday during your Christmas vacation


Who doesn’t want to go on exotic holiday destination during his or her vacation? Exotic tourist holiday also allows you to explore the tradition and cultural believes of a place. In case you are planning to spend your Christmas holidays while exploring foreign land then you should visit Kyoto. The city is a blend of historical and modern architectures and shrines; moreover you will also be able to spend quality time in serene natural beauty.

Different sites which you can visit when in Kyoto

Imperial palace

One of the most beautiful features of this palace is its beautifully decorated walls, halls and gates. Tourists can even have a look at the courtroom, library of the emperor and halls where several ceremonies used to take place. The palace is also surrounded by natural beauty where you can spend some time in tranquility. 

National museum

National museum was established back in 1897 and contains some of the best artifacts for tourists. In case, you are an art lover then this is the place to be during your Kyoto day tours, since you will be able to see art and crafts made in Asian style or can have a look at the craft exhibition which is organized inside the museum.

Daitoku-ji Temple

This temple has magnificent carvings on its wall and it is famous for its gate which is made in Chinese style. Inside of the temple is decorated with beautiful ceiling paintings as well as mind boggling statues. Daitoku-ji Temple also has a Zen garden where you can find varieties of ethnic floral species which will enchant your senses.

Nino Castle

Nino Castle contains several buildings which are renowned for their carvings and excellent architectural design. One of the most prominent buildings inside the Castle complex is Ninomaru Palace which has five separate buildings which are interconnected with a common corridor and have eye-catching exquisite designing patterns on the inside.

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