Do Plants Really Improve Health?


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Walking down the street of any urban city filled with towering buildings, shopping malls, schools and exclusive recreational facilities, it is almost impossible to notice the toxic pollution that is emitted into the Earth’s atmosphere by cars and manufacturing factories conveniently located within your community. Nonetheless, what you may notice is the high volumes of noise, an inability to concentrate, and the poor air quality that contributes to check-ups at the doctor that range from respiratory illnesses to other physical health-related complications. 

Extensive research on the ecosystem has revealed that areas that are scarcely populated with trees and plants influence the overall physical, mental and emotional health of human beings. In fact, studies found that in order to live a healthier happier lifestyle it is essential to incorporate plants making landscaping an effective solution to surrounding ourselves with natural plant life that promotes a healthy lifestyle at home or at work – learn more.

3 Ways Redecorating Your Outdoor Environment Can Improve Your Overall Health

Boost Your Immune System 

Plants play a significant role in purifying the air we breathe. Apart from producing Oxygen and removing Carbon Dioxide from the air, plants also remove up to 80% of other pollutants and toxins that circulate in the Earth’s atmosphere. The reduction of these poisonous gases also reduces the risks of contracting many physically related illnesses. Fresher cleaner air to breathe improves the blood circulation in your body giving your immune system the boost it needs to keep you functioning strong and healthy.

Improves Concentration

Natural green environments filled with plenty of trees and plants have a very calming and tranquil effect on people. Many people who have spent time in the great outdoors have reported feeling a strong sense of peace and relaxation, that’s because plants release phytoncides and other natural chemicals that reduce stress levels in people and improve their general ability to focus and concentrate. Also, areas that are densely populated with plants assist in reducing noise levels considerably.

Micro-Climate Management

Every year climate temperatures rise due to Global Warming with many negative implications for the Earth’s atmosphere, animal wildlife, and humans alike. While you can’t change the current situation of Global Warming on your own, you can control the micro-climate of the environment around you through landscaping. Plants and trees decrease hot temperatures a great deal and help to create a calm cool environment.

Add Beauty, Value and Create a Healthy Lifestyle

Landscaping is an excellent way to distinguish your property from others and add value to your home or commercial business. Not only will redecorating the outdoor area of your residence or business add beauty and elegance to your property, but it is also a great way to create a healthy environment around you in which you may profit from all the natural health benefits that plants and trees have to offer.

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