Travel blog of the Perks of Traveling in Cambodia

the Perks of traveling in Cambodia

Well, I should amend that title by saying these are the Perks of Traveling in Cambodia from my first visit. I’m sure future visits will introduce me to other places that are equally awesome. Here’s the best of what I saw. During the rainy season from April to November, most people are convinced it will rain all day, every day, but I found some of the numerous advantages to visiting Cambodia during the rainy season.

Enjoy the hotel swimming pool to yourself too

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Enjoy the hotel swimming pool to yourself too

Occupation rates of hotels are also quite low: The staff won’t be as rushed and will definitely have more time to be attentive and listen carefully to you and your needs. Common areas, such as the pool, the relaxation areas and the breakfast area will all be less crowded allowing you to enjoy the most of the hotel’s facilities and thus ensuring you of a peaceful time during your stay in Cambodia.

Have the complex of Angkor almost just for yoursel

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Have the complex of Angkor almost just for yourself

As the rainy season is still the low season in terms of the volume of visitors, you will avoid the large crowds invading Angkor Wat and all main temples which can seem to be quite overrun during the high season. Temples will also appear even more beautiful with the lush tropical forests surrounding them burgeoning at their greenest and finest. You’ll more likely feel like Lara Croft in Tomb Raider battling villains and discovering ancient artifacts without having to battle the crowds along the way!