Cambodia: True Experiences of the Unexplored

Cambodia: true experiences of the unexplored


Tourism, as a double edged sword, can as much benefit a country as it can destroy it. When a place is still unknown, it only attracts the most daring travelers. However, once it starts being discovered and there are more and more visitors, eventually it begins opening its doors to mass tourism, and losing the mystery that once had been the reason for so many people wanting to travel there. And many visitors still inquiry Cambodia: true experience of the unexplored.

travelling in Cambodia

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True experiences of the unexplored

But fortunately, Cambodia has not yet reached this point. Still, most travelers see it as a single destination and just visit its main tourist attractions, like the temples of Angkor, Siem Reap, Phnom Penh, or Sihanoukville. Despite that belief, Cambodia is the kind of place where the joy of traveling can reach its maximum splendor, with lots of soft adventure possibilities, destinations well off the beaten track of mass-tourism, places to experience true authenticity and local life, as well as eco-friendly accommodation and community tourism approaches.

Kep-main beach resort in Cambodia

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Before it was eclipsed by Sihanoukville, Kep was the main seaside destination in Cambodia, and now it is slowly being re-discovered by foreign travelers. It is known to have very friendly inhabitants and a wonderful countryside made up of rice fields, salt marshes, pepper plantations, rock formations, local villages and pagodas. Many say that a visit to Kep is not complete without eating its major delicacy; crab meat. However, few people turn their heads around to stare at the amazing wildlife that Kep hides.