Jeju Island in South Korea

Jeju Island
Jeju Island


Formerly known as the Cheju Island, Jeju island is one of the most popular tourist spots in South Korea. The place gathers a lot of crowd from South Korea, Japan and rest of the world. Known for its picturesque landscape and great food, Jeju is affectionately called the Island of Gods. The island is also compared to the Hawaii Islands in the US because of the elements that compose the island – namely volcanic rocks, temperate climate and frequent lashes of rainfall. All these things make Jeju a must visit for all those coming to South Korea.

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Good places to visit

Jeju gets most of its revenue from the flourishing tourism industry and it has quite a well-made out tourist infrastructure. The flip side of this, however is that most tourist amenities come at a high price. Most places of interest have a high entry fee and the restaurants, tour packages etc. are owned by organizations based out of the Mainland – thus causing an unprecedented hike in the rates out here.

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It has quite a well-made out tourist infrastructure
It has quite a well-made out tourist infrastructure

It is therefore suggested that you try to indulge yourself with the local restaurants and hotels of Jeju – they tend to be more reasonably priced. Doing some ground up on which hotels to put up at and where to eat can go a long way in making your stay at Jeju a memorable and economical one! The good thing about the Island being a tourism hotspot is that a number of cabbies and general business owners speak and understand English.

Jeju offers its visitors a myriad of activities to indulge themselves into. The spectacular natural wonders of this island are the major attraction. From the Hallasan (the highest peak in South Korea) to watching the splendid sunset and sunrise scenes along the coast – Jeju has it all. If you are a hiking enthusiast, there is quite a lot of marked/unmarked trekking to enjoy in Jeju. In this write up, we have collected some of the must-visit attractions of Jeju.

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