TomorrowLand in Belgium.


TomorrowLand is the largest EDM festival in the world at the moment. This festival has a weird attraction as it attracts thousand of visitors who are the fan of the genre: Electronic Dance Music or EDM. Being a modern festival as the first one was held in 2005, TomorrowLand succeeded over 12 years and always one of the hottest event in the world. Every EDM fan’s wish list included visiting this festival before they die. All in all, this is a prime example of a modern festival done right, and always recommended to tourists who are the fan of the genre.

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TomorrowLand takes place in Boom, Belgium

Boom, Belgium via Wikipedia

Possibly one of the best names for a city that houses one of the largest dance music festivals in the world.

Paul Oakenfold was scheduled to play the second TomorrowLand festival

Park Oakenfold via The Los Angeles Film School

Posters even went out promoting him on the bill, but due to tour obligations with Madonna, Oakenfold had to cancel.

The 2010 TomorrowLand anthem hit #5 on the Belgian charts

Dada Life, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, and Tara McDonald’s “Tomorrow (Give Into The Night)” ended up being performed twice on the main stage in 2010. It also holds the record of being the biggest-selling anthem for any TomorrowLand anthem.

Most of the 2013 TomorrowLand tickets sold out in one second

While the “full madness” passes took 35 minutes to sell out, it’s been reported that the remainder of the 2013 TomorrowLand tickets took one second to sell out.

TomorrowLand won the “Best Music Event” award at the 27th Annual International Dance Music Awards

2012 was a huge success for the festival, with 185,000 people attending from over 75 countries. Things were so hectic that year that TomorrowLand partnered with Brussels Airlines to give attendees the options of exclusive travel packages.

The 2012 edition TomorrowLand hosted Europe’s highest mobile Ferris wheel

Brussels Airlines Cloud Rider via Festival Sherpa

The Brussels Airlines Cloud Rider got as high as 60 meters in the sky and was available for any TomorrowLand patrons to experience.

If you tamper with TomorrowLand decorations, you will be escorted off-site

Sure, you paid to get in, but ID&T puts a lot of work into these decorations. One of the rules (written or otherwise) is tampering with TomorrowLand decorations is a no-no, and will result in you being removed from the festival if caught.

The 2012 TomorrowLand After Movie has over 95 million views

The game definitely changed when this after movie dropped. It was very well made, and we feel that this made other festivals step their game up to represent their event to the fullest.

TomorrowLand gave users bracelets in lieu of tickets

TomorrowLand bracelets via 

In an effort to make getting into the festival easier (and no doubt to cut down on the number of trees being cut down to print tickets), TomorrowLand started giving those who bought tickets personalized bracelets that would allow them access to both the festival and campsites. It even came in a special case. And for those wondering, yes this practice is in place for the American TomorrowWorld festival as well.

Hope you have a wonderful time during this event if you ever decide to be there.

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