Foods in Laos

Laos Foods

Lao people enjoy fresh vegetables and herbs, for this reason they appear in almost every Lao meals. Foods in Laos have many regional variations, due in part to the fresh foods local to each region.

Khao Jee Sandwich (Baguette Sandwich)

Almost every street corner has a vendor selling this French-Lao fusion. Khao Jee (or baguette) is split in half and filled with lettuce, sliced tomatoes, carrot, onion and optional cheese, moo yor (pork lunchmeat), chopped ham and topped with pâté or chili sauce. Khao Jee sandwich is good with a cup of strong filtered coffee.

Khao Jee Sandwich (Baguette Sandwich)

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Khao Poon (Rice Vermicelli Soup)

Lao noodle soup, made with long-simmered chili-and-meat-based soup (e.g. fish, pork, chicken). This soup is ladled on the cooked rice vermicelli and a bed of chopped up vegetables such as shallots, spring onion, coriander, mint leaves and string beans. Add fish sauce to taste and enjoy.

Khao Poon (Rice Vermicelli Soup)

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Som Moo (Sour Pork Sausage)

This appetizer is made from chopped, fermented raw pork – sometimes includes rump and skin – and wrapped in green leaves. Fresh chilies are usually inserted into the meat, adding a spicy kick to each bite. You can eat it raw or cooked (e.g. grilled), depending on the menu. The raw version is good with raw cabbage leaves and string beans.